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Our work is our passion. Over the past 9 years, we have been developing and deepening our knowledge for new ideas and solutions that will allow us and our clients to stand out from the competition. We provide services for individuals and companies, ranging from the smallest firms, just starting their adventure to large companies with an established position on the market.

We have many years of experience in creating websites adapted to mobile devices. Nowadays, especially if you run a company, having a website is a necessity. The benefit of having a website helps the entrepreneur to reach a wider audience including the potential customer.

Today most people search for products and services online, even if the business is local. Your own website will significantly increase the recognition of your company and will multiply your profits.

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Our Services

A properly designed and maintained website or online store is currently a necessary business tool. It showcases the company’s products and services, helps to sell merchandise regardless of the time of day and the customers location. We create responsive websites and online stores based on our professional experience and your satisfaction. Each project implemented by us is individually tailored to the requirements and needs of the client.

We design modern and functional websites, blogs, online stores, and thematic websites. We take care of details and aesthetics so that Website users will be happy to click to the next subpage. Why? Currently, websites do most if not all of the marketing duties, therefore it is here that you can acquire the most customers.

The main benefits of having a website:

✓ makes it easier to reach new customers;
✓ presenting the product and information about the company without the need to print information brochures or unnecessary direct contacts;
✓ allows flexible communication with partners;
✓ lowers the cost of advertising in the target environment compared to traditional means such as press, radio or television;
✓ allows you to sell your products directly via an online store;
✓ a professional website builds a positive image of the company;

The process of completing a website order is very simple:

1. We start with a detailed analysis of the order to get to know your expectations;
2. The second step is to collect materials from the client that are to reflect the content posted on the website, its layout, colors, etc.;
3. At the next stage, we prepare a graphic mock-up of the website;
4. Of course, the customer must confirm the compliance of the model with expectations;
5. Then we proceed to the execution of the order, implement the project and prepare the texts;
6. No website can exist without positioning, cataloging and advertising;
7. Updating the website is equally important;
8. And that's it - your company's website is now visible on the web. Quickly and seamlessly.

Web Design

We offer the construction of websites based on the leading CMS systems - Joomla! Drupal WordPress or PrestaShop. The website has a representative function for the company, so it is important that it is clear and has the right layout so that people who visit it can easily find the product or service they are looking for, obtain the right information and become customers.

✓ Simple company websites, so-called e-business cards
✓ Pages of the so-called one page
✓CMS pages
✓ Extensive company websites, websites based on a content management system
✓ Blogs
✓ Online stores for small and large companies
✓ Graphic design for new or existing websites
✓ Maintenance of the website
✓ A wide range of additional services







Printing Graphic

Graphic Projects - we will help you design whatever you need - beautiful logos, flyers, company presentations, Facebook posts or business cards. Everything will be consistent and will reflect the full message and identity of your brand. It will be inspiring!
✓ Logos
✓ Business cards
✓ Postcards
✓ Flyers
✓ Posters
✓ Invitations
✓ Brochures
✓ Stickers
✓ Gift cards
✓ Social media graphics
✓ Instagram
✓ Facebook

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